Our Philosophy

  • Purpose: To teach self-defense while uniting people under God and his Son, the Messiah.
  • Vision: A multi-location school where all families are grafted into a bigger family; all creeds, religions pursuing a biblically based martial art, no boundaries or limitations.
  • Mission: to demonstrate that “can” or “can’t” is a choice; to build humble women and men of courage, principle and internal strength.


Our Tenets

During class, sometimes we discuss that which separates us from the rest of the world. We teach how to become greater contributors, influencers and leaders of our community. It is our mission to create men and women, not children, from our academy.

  • Peace through Christ: The joy that He paid our debts in the Law and we shall see God
  • Inner peace: Being secure in who we are and what we have done
  • Courage: Deciding to do what is right when you are afraid to
  • Integrity: Conducting one’s self ethically, morally to benefit others
  • Patience: Long-enduring for an outcome, waiting when you are in a rush
  • Wisdom: The experience, knowledge and patience to know and do what is right by God
  • Respect: Acknowledging the value of others; eye-contact and silence when spoken to
  • Discipline: Controlling yourself, not the illusion of controlling others
  • Love: The action of caring for people and all living things
  • Forgiveness: Forgetting harmful deeds by others toward you, and by you toward others
  • Concentration: Focus on the moment, on what is happening now
  • Awareness: Constant vigilance, awareness of self and surroundings
  • Balance: Balance of the body, mind, spirit – no intoxicants, good diet, prayer
  • Priorities: God, family, friends, occupation