Academy Rules, Policies

  1. Try to arrive to class 15 minutes early. This allows everyone to stretch, greet one another and fellowship, and take care of any last minute details before class begins.
  2. Class begins sharp, and ends sharp, at the time specified. If you are late, for any reason, you are required to perform 10 pushups (or as close as you can get) after entering the dojo.
  3. We care about our students and want to ensure their safety at all times. We require an adult to be available, at least in the parking area, during class. You must sign in your student, and you must pick up your student. Kids will not be permitted to walk off the premises unattended.
  4. We understand financial issues. It is our greatest concern to continue instructing our students. Tuition is due on 1st of the month. Please pay ahead of time if possible. We do all we can to accommodate whenever possible. But we do have a policy of catching up after being a month behind.
  5. There are no refunds for tuition, equipment or uniforms: our suppliers do not accept returns.
  6. Beginning at Yellow Belt, you must keep a good record of what you learn. In Japanese tradition this is called a Makimono, meaning, “scroll.” This is required. You will need to begin keeping this “scroll” right away. A 6×9 bound notebook is sufficient. Don’t lose your Makimono. It will serve you well in the coming years. You will be required to present your Makimono to the testing board at each formal test.


Sparring Rules

  1. Sparring is an instructive sport intended for training purposes and is light contact only. Any attempt to injure another person will result in disciplinary actions, up to membership revocation.
  2. Sparring is undertaken at member’s own risk.
  3. Approved safety equipment must be used at all times: protective equipment will cover: toes, feet, ankles, shins, fingertips, hands, wrists, face; mouth guard, groin protection (for males). Chest protection for women is optional, as is forearm guards for all members.
  4. Sparring is permitted only in the presence, and express permission, of an adult instructor.
  5. Students will obey the instructor at all times.
  6. Minors must have permission by the parents to participate in sparring, and may begin at age six.
  7. Any deliberate infraction of these rules may result in dismissal from the event.