Become grafted into a new family and a wealth of friendships that will last you a lifetime. Our academy was founded on the principle of family and belonging and Christian principles. Historically, most of us come from a former martial arts school that closed in 2018. Though there are fundamental differences between the two establishments, we still support families and friends. Our culture is a stress-free environment, not based in unnecessary tradition, but on the principle of success in all aspects of life. We work hard; we play hard. Come prepared to grow physically and spiritually.

Martial Arts as a lifestyle

Martial training is not restricted to your age, experience or level of physical fitness.  Our academy believes in the positive motivation and encouragement of all students, especially children. They are our future and we invest in them heavily. Martial arts promotes health, fitness, self-defense, character, physical fitness, and skills to prevent bullying. We encourage participation of the whole family and have many parents training in our adults classes. Classes are safe, fully insured and taught by qualified and experienced instructors.

Getting Started

The first thing you will require is a uniform, called a ‘gi’ (ghee). It is a standard martial arts uniform that is 7.5oz thick, which will not tear or rip during class. We use a sash, not a belt, but you will not require one until your first test. Your startup expenses are at our costs. We do not earn income from that requirement.

If you are simply curious about our academy, you can try us for Two free weeks with no obligation.


900 Cripple Creek Drive (Suite A), Lawrenceville, GA

Our “home base” location is in Buford, GA in our personal dojo, which can accommodate only from seven to ten people. This is where we began the academy. Whenever the weather is good we will also join together as a group on a Saturday afternoon at a park facility or outdoors for training, fellowship or demonstrations of our skills to the public. The long-term goal is to build up enough equity to open our own facility in this area.

Student Scholarship Fund