What do we charge?

Martial Arts program

Initial Fees & Expenses

  • The one-time startup fee is $85. This pays for your uniform/gi (top and bottom) and all patches for the uniform/gi. If you need hemming done, we can put you in contact with the person who does the patch sewing. She charges a minimal fee of $2/hem. She also will sew on the patches on for $2/patch. There are three patches: American Flag, the Chinese name of our martial art, and our custom school logo.
  • The monthly membership tuition (for new signups after January 2019) is whatever the regular cost is for the first student and then  25% off for the first family member; 50% off for the second family member; 75% off for any additional family members. With your membership to our academy, you will have access to take any class at any current or future location, any day of the week that we are teaching.
  • You will eventually require sparring gear, and a student manual. We will have sparring sessions will be each week once we get everyone equipped.
  • Insurance: We are a member of the Amateur Athletic Union. There are specific instructions for signing up for insurance here. For kids it’s $14/year; for adults it is $24/year. Practically nothing, but required in order for us to keep your or your student enrolled.


Testing fees

Sash (rank) testing: We have a minimal testing fee every OTHER rank test. This keeps your costs down, and prevents excessive testing schedules. We believe that any formal testing should be on stages of progress: beginner, intermediate and advanced. However, Blackbelt testing will be every rank: dan 1, dan 2, dan 3, dan 4, etc. We do not separate ranks of minors from ranks of adults. We will never rank a student of any age who has not merited the rank by a solid demonstration of skills. This requires dedication, practice and determination.

Testing fees structure (subject to change):

  • White (beginner): $25
  • Orange (intermediate): $50
  • Purple (advanced): $75
  • Black (dan 1): $100